It’s official! The Sweet Lillies will be playing The 2015 Colorado Music Party on Saturday March 21 @ 11:20am! So all you Austin folks oughta hightail it down the The 512 on 6th and join the fun! We will be sharing the stage with a bunch of other great bands including The Railsplitters, Rocktin Grove and more. Don’t miss it!


And for those of you who need something to do for the dinner hour that day, our friend Chris will be hosting a house show where the Lillies will continue to bring the tunes! We’d love to see everybody there. Check out the event page for details!

MischiefCollective on WWG

Sweet Reminiscence of WinterWonderGrass this year!

Thank you MischiefCollective for the excellent write up, and thank you to everyone who attended for making it the best fest yet!

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The third WinderWonderGrass Colorado went on this past weekend despite freezing temperatures, multiple snowstorms, and the shutting down of I-70 for several hours on Friday. Attendees, however, came excited for the cold, thriving…